Hello My Name is..

Hello My Name is..
I’m Shazdirector (real name Suridh Simon Hassan) and I’m the co-founder, co-creator and co-conspirator at Cutpacks.com. I’ve been making films and videos since the late nineties which makes me feel old.
Originally from North London, I've spent more than a decade in South-East Asia working across commercials and documentaries and am now based between Jakarta, Indonesia and London, UK.
Currently, I’m head of creative at a great company called GetCraft, making sure their output looks good, feels good and making sure they do lots of great video. 
In the past, I’ve been a paparazzi, dishwasher, night club promoter, illustration agency owner and many more things that I'm trying to forget.
I have my own production company Studio Rarekind with my partner in crime Ryo Sanada, which lies at the heart and soul of Cutpacks. When I'm not making films or being a creative director, you can find me authoring books over at Stickerbomb, working alongside UK art and design book publishers Laurence King Publishing.
I’m really happy to launch Cutpacks as I believe a lot of editors, videographers,  filmmakers and creatives need shots to experiment with but can’t afford to pay huge sums of money to license footage. Plus the explosion of free stock video sites over the last few years means a lot of the same looking polished material that lacks personality. There is no middle ground.
Cutpacks is here to remedy this and hopefully we can make life easier and help everyone make great video.

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