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Offices unfortunately play a part in many of our lives and throughout all our shoots in all the locations, offices have played their part. So regardless of our feelings towards corporate life, you always need office cutaways and B roll for your content. We’ve shot this as stylised and as fun as possible, using the coloured frosted glass to give that level of anonymity and we’re keeping the price as low as possible here, so download it, have a play and spice up your stories with some  fun usable content and do share!
*16 FULL HD Individual shots ranging from 5 secs - 70 sec in length, ready to be cut, chopped, processed, colour corrected to your hearts desire.

*594MB, 16 files, MP4
*All files are originally shot, entirely created by the SRK team
*Gear Used includes 5D Mark II to shoot, adobe premiere for editing
*Audio recorded on tape
*Instant Digital Download

*Total run time of all shots = 4min 32secs 

You can see the entire reel of shots below on our youtube channel.  Please remember all downloaded clips come in a zipped file and do NOT have the watermark.


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