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An economic transformation has occurred in much of rural Asia during the last two decades. Large parts of the region have made huge progress with substantial gains in food security, per capita income, quality of life, and poverty reduction. Yet, rural Asia remains home to 700 million people living in poverty, many of whom have no access to safe water and sanitation.

Cambodia is the first in our RURAL ASIA series and we have a selection of shots that can help you build a wide variety of content. From something ethnographic and anthropological to something more travel based. We have internal and externals of a rural home, an average Cambodian (Khmer) family with the kid just chilling in his hammock whilst the mother tends to the field.  

  • 12 HD (1920 x 1080) clips
  • Individual shots range from 6 secs to 77 secs in length - all ready to be cut, chopped, processed, colour corrected to your hearts desire.
  • 829MB, 12 MP4 files.
  • All files are originally shot, entirely created by the SRK team
  • Gear used: Canon 5D Markii, Sachtler ACE M, Adobe Premiere
  • 24fps
  • Royalty Free License
  • Audio Recorded directly to camera
  • 6min 28secs of HD Shots

You can see the entire reel of shots below on our youtube channel.  Please remember all downloaded clips come in a zipped file and do NOT have the watermark.

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